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Written by bike posted on Monday, April 12th, 2010

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BANFF NATIONAL PARK, ALBERTA–I would like to call this my discovery but despite its very hidden location, Nourish Bistro has already been recognised as the best restaurant in Banff by many including TripAdvisor. It was time as a Banff Insider to finally go and find out for myself and who better to go with than my visiting vegetarian girlfriend. There are some great restaurants in the Rockies and Banff but they tend to follow a certain path. Nourish is a vegetarian, healthy, fairly priced and very unique option for dining in Banff.

Nourish Vegeterian Restaurant is hands down the best and most unique eatery in Banff.

The atmosphere is extremely relaxed which immediately makes the diner comfortable. The waiter was sitting down and chatting with a customer at the table next to ours and was extremely friendly and helpful to us. Though I am a well-practiced carnivore, the menu options were salivating so you can imagine how the vegetarian girlfriend felt. There aren’t many veggie restaurants in the world. After years of only having one or two options on a menu, this was like ten Christmas’ in one! Eventually…and I mean eventually the choice was made. Yam to start, shepherds pie and stuffed pepper for main course.
The food in Nourish is the kind where every bite is blissful and there is genuine fear and sadness when your plate begins to look empty. The meals were complimented by our drinks. Though I stuck with good old fashioned and delicious lemonade, my eating partner had a juice with what seemed like ten thousand ingredients that shouldn’t have worked but did perfectly. All in all, the meal cost just a little over $50 which when compared to many burger joints in town is superb. If you are coming to Banff, don’t let your visit pass without a meal in Nourish. It is tucked away upstairs in the Sundance Mall and I promise you this will be the best meal you have in Banff.
Nourish Vegetarian Bistro
215 Banff Avenue
Upper level sundance mall
Take Elevator to 2nd Floor
P: 1-403-760-3933

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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  1. Hamish & Lesley Millar says:

    I totally agree with the description of the eating experience at Nourish. Extremely good and tasty food – particularly different blend and imaginative mixture of flavours that gives a unique and remarkable dining out.

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