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Written by bike posted on Thursday, April 29th, 2010

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BANFF NATIONAL PARK, ALBERTA—Considering we live in a time where every scrap of information in the world is literally in your pocket with the push of a button, it seemed strange that all of web cams around Banff and the Rockies in particular. Still images that refresh every 15 minutes may do the job to find out if it is snowing in Banff but what if you want something a lot more advanced? Surely there is an up to date camera where I can not only see the weather conditions but also people walking down the street and even control the camera myself. Well there is now!

The new Banff camera gets the best views of Banff Avenue.

Here in the Rockies, we have set up a camera on the roof of the Clock Tower Mall where you will personally be able to control the cam to see if the streets are busy or if there is much pedestrian traffic. If there is a huge snowstorm, watch it live from the camera. You can even take a snapshot of anything you like and send it to friends and family.
It is not just in Banff where there is a live TV Cam. On the roof of the Athabasca Hotel in Jasper, there is also a cam where you can see panoramic views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains and pedestrians strolling down Patricia Street. No longer must you rely on static images. The Canadian Rockies are moving forward with time and technology! Check it out for yourself.
Banff Webcam
Jasper Webcam

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