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You’re Close to the Best in Canmore, Alberta

CANMORE, ALBERTA – Canada. Canmore, Alberta, is located on the Trans-Canada Highway, bordering Kananaskis Country and Banff National Park, 106 KMS (66 miles) west of Calgary (1.5 hours from Calgary’s International Airport) 5 minutes East of Banff National Park and just 22 KMS (12 miles – 20 minutes) East of the Banff townsite.

Canmore, Canada’s Amazing History

Canmore is linked to the construction of the CPR and to the discovery of coal that was used to fire the locomotives. After 1979, when the last coal mine shut down, Canmore changed and became a residential community and a tourist town.

Great Things and Activities to do in Canmore, Alberta

This thriving town is home to a number of galleries and shops featuring work by local artisans. Canmore is very well equipped to deal with the thousands of tourists who flock to the town every year.

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