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See the Sights of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

CROWSNEST PASS, ALBERTA – Canada. The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass is nestled in the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains, in the Southwest corner of Alberta on Highway 3.

Crowsnest Pass’s Rich History in Canada

The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass has much to offer visitors. In addition to its spectacular natural setting, the municipality is rich in human history.

Crowsnest Pass is the richest archaeological zone in the Canadian Rockies. The oldest relics are stone tools found on a rock ridge outside nearby Frank, Alberta, from the Clovis culture, 10,000 years bp.

The area was a centre for “rum-running” during the prohibition of 1916 – 1923, when liquor was illegally brought across the provincial border from British Columbia.

Great Things and Activities to do in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

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