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Written by Patrick J. Smith posted on Thursday, May 30th, 2013

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kootenaynationalpark3KOOTENAY NATIONAL PARK, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada — Kootenay National Park offers a plethora of outdoor activities for the Canadian Rockies tourist. Relax in the Radium Hot Springs or try hiking in one of the national park’s backcountry trails. Wondering where to stay during your trip to Kootenay National Park? Check out our guide to campgrounds and backcountry camping in this Canadian Rockies national park.

Relaxing in the Radium Hot Springs Pools!

As Canada’s largest hot springs pool, this is a Kootenay National Park activity that the whole family can enjoy. One hundred percent of the water at the hot springs is natural mineral water. The temperature is kept between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius (98 – 104 Fahrenheit). The Radium Hot Springs also includes a cooler swimming pool for your enjoyment (27 degrees Celsius, 84 degrees Fahrenheit). Prices for adults are ~$6.30, and ~$5.40 for youths and seniors. Swimsuits, lockers, and towels are available for rent for a few dollars.

Hiking in Kootenay National Park

There are several hiking trips in Kootenay National Park. Some, like the Juniper Trail (3.2 km) and the Redstreak Creek Trail (2.3 km), are only one to two hours one-way. Others, like the Stanley Glacier Trail (5.5 km) and Sinclair Creek Trail (6.5 km) might take you four to eight hours to navigate. Hiking trails that take longer than one day will require the purchase of a Wilderness Pass. See more about backcountry camping in the Where to Stay in Kootenay Park.

Paint Pots: A First Nations Treasure

One of Kootenay National Park’s cultural and historical treasures. The Native Americans who lived in the area–the Ktunaxa, the Stoney, and the Blackfoot tribes–harvested ochre from the ochre beds. They used the ochre for ceremonies, and for trade. The ochre would be flattened nad beaded. Sometimes, the red powder would be mixed with oil and used as paint.

When visiting the Paint Pots, treat the area with respect. It is still considered a sacred site by many members of the First Nations community. Do not remove the ochre, and do not stray from the path.

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