Real Estate in Canmore and the Canadian Rockies

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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

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Real Estate in Canmore and the Canadian Rockies

Canmore, Alberta

The Canadian Rockies has a lot in common with a Victoria Secret supermodel. Once you see it for the first time, all words fail you. You can stare at it until your eyes hurt, you never want to leave and when you do, you will do anything to see it again. People often come for a holiday to Banff, Canmore or one of the other gorgeous towns of the Canadian Rockies and immediately pick it out as a place they want to make a home away from home. Though there are resorts, rentals and hotels you can book into every time you catch a cheap flight back to Calgary, there is nothing like owning your own property.

This could be the backdrop of your new home in Canmore.

Technically – and I mean technically – you can buy your own property in Banff but with a complicated ‘need to reside’ law due to its location in a National Park, it is costly, exhausting and over time it could make you hate your Victoria Secret model. So, what is the answer? Simply put, it is Canmore. Twenty minutes away from Banff, it is bigger, more peaceful, less touristy and blissfully outside the boundaries of Banff National Park meaning buying a house is comparatively easy. Canmore was put on the map in the 1988 Winter Olympics for the Nordic activities. Before then, it was nothing more than a sleepy mining town where people stopped only briefly on their way to Banff. It is a different world now with quaint modern cafes, beautiful bars, high grade bistros and the same stunning sights as its neighbour Banff.

Without any building restrictions, Canmore has been tastefully building more housing and there are always stunning homes for sale. Aside from its ideal location for a new home, it is still within a short hop and skip to all the ski hills and hiking tracks in the summer. Whether you have decided to retire to Canmore, work from home or gain employment in the Bow Valley area – all options are open to the home buyer. Cheap flights to Calgary, both national and international, seem to be getting cheaper every month. There has never been a more ideal time to look into buying your dream home in Canmore surrounded by the Canadian Rockies.

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