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Written by Madison Valois posted on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

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There’s far more to Banff than can be seen on the surface.

Banff Travel Cave Tours

Explore the insides of the Canadian Rockies.

Explore the insides of the Canadian Rockies.

Explore the Canadian Rockies by adventuring deep into the limestone cave in Grotto Mountain. Banff Travel offers cave tours with highly trained and experienced guides to lead you through the historical limestone labyrinths. Discover mineral formations, deep caverns and ancient fossils during the guided treks.

Banff Travel offers two cave tours. The adventure tour allows spelunkers to rappel from an 18 meter (60 foot) drop and traverse through narrow passageways. The explorer tour offers a similar itinerary without the rappel.

Banff Travel suggests that participants be physically active and wear light shoes with moderately warm clothing especially in the winter. Make sure to bring a water bottle and camera.

For more cave exploration:

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