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Written by Cassidy Barnes posted on Friday, May 8th, 2009

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Five ways to discover a greener Denver

Bicycle tour through Denver' Washington Park. Courtesy Stan Obert for Visit Denver.

Bicycle tour through Denver' Washington Park. Courtesy Stan Obert for Visit Denver.

DENVER, Colorado – There is a greener Denver to explore these days, and here are five ways to find out what makes the Mile High City one of the greenest metropolitan areas in the country.

1.    Walk or bicycle around Denver instead of driving. Mayor John Hickenlooper has created Greenprint Denver, which gives an overview of the city’s sustainability efforts and plans. There are also maps available for free self-guided hiking and bicycling tours of Denver. Each tour map includes the number of steps, miles and carbon emissions prevented as well as highlights of the tour.

2.    If you are just visiting Denver for a couple of days and didn’t bring a bicycle with you, no problem. As of summer 2009, Denver will have a citywide bicycle rental program. Residents can pay an annual membership fee and anyone can rent a bike for less than $5 per day (fees may vary).

3.    Sometimes walking and bicycling is not the best option, especially when getting to and from Denver International Airport. You can still go green though by hiring a hybrid car taxi service. Both Metro Taxi and Yellow Cab have added hybrid electric cars to their fleets and they are painted, you guessed it, green.

4.    Stop by the Denver Botanic Gardens to enjoy Denver’s first publicly accessible green rooftop above their new café. What was once a concrete slab, the roof now has a small patio, benches and a little garden. It shows off the big benefits of adding green space to any roof. It’s a different way to view the colorful gardens down below too.

5.    In early 2009, the Museum of Contemporary Art| Denver received gold-level LEED certification, making it one of the few contemporary art museums to achieve such distinction. Not only was the building created with green materials, but they offer a reduction on entrance fees to people who don’t drive to the museum. Don’t miss their rooftop café where they sell locally-brewed beer and Colorado wines.

Whether you just want to learn about a greener Denver or explore how Denver is getting greener, there are plenty of choices.

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