Skiing and Snowboarding Lake Louise, Alberta

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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Monday, February 22nd, 2010

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Skiing and Snowboarding Lake Louise

Lake Louise, Alberta

Every time I go skiing or snowboarding in Lake Louise, I find myself getting lost…in a good way. It is the kind of ski resort where you can go day after day and week after week and still never get bored. It was a Sunday, the sky was as blue as possible and the temperatures peaked at a miraculous 10 degrees, which must be a record for Lake Louise in February. Though there hasn’t been much snow lately, the slopes were practically perfect. If there was ice anywhere on the slopes, I didn’t find it. Driving from Banff, Lake Louise is only a 25 minute drive further than Sunshine and the extra time in the car is well spent when you reach the far superior ski resort.

The views from Lake Louise ski resort are nothing short of stunning.

The slopes of Lake Louise are so open than even the most out of control skier or snowboarder can make it look like they are in full control. Some of the slopes out the back of the resort feel like you are in the back of beyond. Plan your day so you do the back of the resort first thus catching as much sun as possible. There are three major ski hills around the Banff / Lake Louise area. Norquay and Sunshine Village are the other two. The big difference with Lake Louise to Sunshine for example is that the slopes seem to go on forever. When skiing Sunshine, sometimes you get the feeling that you are spending most of your time waiting for or on a chairlift to get back up the hill.

I can honestly say there is no where in the world I wanted to be more than at Lake Louise sipping a hot chocolate in the sun on the deck of the mid slope canteen chalet. If you are going to be making it to the Lake Louise ski resort, make sure to visit the Fairmont Lake Louise Chateau before dusk to see the beautiful ice sculptures and maybe have an ice skate if you have the energy. Despite its unique beauty, both Lake Louise and the Lake Louise ski resort do not get the recognition they deserve. Use this to your benefit and enjoy the stunning nature in relative peace!

Check out the conditions at the new Lake Louise Ski Web Cams

Snow Phone: 1-403-244-6665 (CHI-NOOK)

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