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Written by Patrick J. Smith posted on Thursday, August 26th, 2010

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The end of summertime in Jasper National Park and the Canadian Rockies is creeping up on us, which means that, as awesome winter park activities, such as skiing Marmot start to get closer, the time to do summer activities in the park is is now.

The Maligne Valley offers beautiful boating for Jasper vacations.

No Jasper National Park summer is complete without a day on the amazing waters of this park. Whether you tend toward motor boats, canoes, kayaks or rowboats, spending time slipping across the pristine lakes of Jasper National Park will give you some great views, chances to see wildlife, and enjoy many other pleasures of this park.

Maligne Lake is the center of boating activity and is a calm, enjoyable body of water to spend mornings and afternoons cruising on. Tour boats also travel around the lake, though both motor boats and paddle boats are welcome.

Boaters, no matter what you use to stay afloat, should plan at least a night’s stay along the Maligne Lake. Visitors can stay up to four nights total along the lake while enjoying the daytime lake activities like boating around, fishing with friends or searching for local wildlife.

Boaters with gas-powered boats have restrictions and should check in at the Jasper Parks Canada office before heading out. Rowboats and canoes are allowed on most lakes and ponds, but it’s still worth checking in. Overall, boaters should remember that Jasper National Park lakes and rivers are sources for cold water, and to use extreme caution when swimming.

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