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Written by Patrick J. Smith posted on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

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One of the great things about vacationing in the Alberta Rockies is that places like Jasper National Park can really provide great vacation activities for your whole family. Here’s a couple ideas for things you can do with your kids in Jasper.

Take a hike:

Jasper offers great views that the whole family will enjoy.

This one may seem obvious to some of you, considering that we’re talking about a National Park and all, but some people just don’t think hiking is for kids. But there are plenty of trails around Jasper that are perfect for kids, both because they area entertaining and easy. The Discovery Trail and the Lake Annette Loop are two great spots. You’ll find both just on the edge of the town of Jasper.

Let someone show the way: Guided tours can be a great way to get out with the family, get on a suitable trail, and learn about nature.

Family Friendly Accommodation in Jasper

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge could not be more family friendly if it possibly tried. As long as any child under 18 is accompanied by an adult, they stay for free. Kids 5 and under eat for free and kids 12 and under have a specialized menu to choose from, or they dabble from items off the regular menu at 50% off. As well as the ton of activities on offer for kids, they can golf for free. Chances are the kids will have a better time than you in The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge!

Gleaming the tube: In the winter time, you can let your kids get some of their rambunctiousness out on the slopes by going for an awesome tubing ride.

Paint the town fun: There are ice cream parlors, fun shops, and kid-friendly restaurants in downtown Jasper. Did I mention ice cream parlors? And of course, the town’s backdrop is unbeatable. See it here with the Jasper WebCam.

Make it history: Jasper has a history that kids will find captivating, which you can learn all about at the Yellowhead Museum.

A raft of fun: Do some whitewater rafting. There are plenty of easier float trips in Jasper, including some stretches on the Athabasca. There are 20 person rafts that are great for the entire family, plus a few aunts, uncles and cousins. Great way to have an awesome day, and a few stories to tell when you get home!

Gone fishin’: The Canadian Rockies, and especially Jasper, have some great fishing. I know I loved fishing when I was a kid. It’s a good, inexpensive way to get out and get some quiet time with the kids.

Horses, of course: Horseback riding is a popular past time in the Jasper area. Kids love the animals, and they’ll be able to get around and see much of the park this way. There’s some great trail rides that head out from the Maligne Lake Lodge to the top of the Bald Hills. These horseback rides are from three to four hours long and are probably best for kids that are a little older.

See the Scenic: We saved the best for last. Jasper National Park is known for amazing scenery, and there’s lots of great ways to get your kids out into it. Here’s a couple places you’ll want to see with the scenery.

Jasper Tramway: Really, this is one of the best options for kids, hands down. The Jasper Tramway is Canada’s highest aerial tram, and is just out of the Jasper townsite . A quick seven-minute ride takes you all the way up to 8,000 feet, where you’ll see some of the most spectacular views around. To sum up: short time traveling for really great scenery that kids of any age can enjoy.

Columbia Icefield: Go out on the giant Columbia Icefield in an amazing all-terrain vehicle, hike over ancient ice, learn about it with guided tours, or just enjoy the amazing views. Perfect for a variety of ages.

Maligne Lake: Relax on the deck of the Maligne Lake Lodge and take in amazing views of the lake.

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