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Written by Patrick J. Smith posted on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

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Want to get away from it all for a bit in Alberta’s Jasper National Park? There’s no better way to get away  than a good camping trip. Below you’ll 10 basic tips for camping in Jasper National Park.

11 things to know before camping in Jasper National Park, Alberta

1. Hooking Up:

You can't beat camping in Jasper.

Campgrounds in Jasper National Park are busiest from June through September, with the season cresting in July and August. The park has a limited number of hook up sites, and they are only at Wapiti and Whistler’s campgrounds. In the summer time these serviced sites are often full before 11 a.m. and campers will be waiting in line before the campgrounds open. So just remember that you may not be able to get a hook up site on your first night during this busy period. When you arrive staff at the campground will advise you on how to go about getting a hook up site for the rest of your stay.

2. Site seeing: 1,772 camp sites are available in Jasper National Park. Seems like a good number to choose from.

3. Get your permit: If you’re camping purchase a camping permit at the campground kiosk or make sure to register yourself.

4. Check the date: Dates of operation vary between the campgrounds, often depending on elevation and season. The summer camping seasoin begins in early May, and all campgrounds are open by mid to late June. Summer-only campgrounds close in September and October.

5. Check it out: Checkout time is 11 a.m.

6. Bring some marshmallows: Campfires are permitted at most sites, just make sure to get a fire permit. They can be purchased at kiosks or self -registration stations.

7. Room for everyone: Camping for larger groups is available in Jasper National Park. To qualify, you need a minimum of ten people. Also, keep in mind that group campsites can accommodate tents only. Call (780) 852-6181 to make reservations.

8. Camping on ice: If you like to keep it cool, you’ll find the winter campground is at Wapiti.

9. Who’s in charge around here, anyway? Parks Canada runs all campgrounds in Jasper National Park. Make sure to thank them on your way out for keeping them clean and safe. They always do a good job!

10.  Phone first, or don’t: If you want to be on the safe side (and we advise this during the business season) make reservations for the Wapiti, Pocahontas, Whistler’s and Wabasso campgrounds by calling (877) 737-3783. If you like to leave things to chance, all other campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. But you better arrive early.

11. Golden rule of camping: If you brought it, bring it back! Keep our parks clean and pristine with this one simple rule, anything you brought should come back out with you.

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