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Written by Patrick J. Smith posted on Monday, August 24th, 2009

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Cast your reel in some of the best fishing holes in the Canadian Rockies

Trevor from Michigan writes: “Hey, Alberta Adventure. Next time I come on up to the Canadian Rockies, let’s drown some bait together.”

Now, there’s a man who knows what’s what.

Bring all your gear to enjoy the fishing in Banff National Park and other parks in the Canadian Rockies.

Bring all your gear to enjoy the fishing in Banff National Park and other parks in the Canadian Rockies.

I know I’ve said this before: It isn’t easy being a mountain man. It’s a lot of work. I can hear you scoffing, but it’s true. I’m not complaining, mind you. I get to work in the most beautiful country a person ever did see. But climbing all over and exploring all of this country can be exhausting.

Sometimes, the best day is a lazy one where I get to wade into a river, ride a boat out onto a lake or just sit myself down on the shore and prop up the pole.

And, I have to admit, a fish you catch, clean and cook yourself just plain tastes better.

Here in the Canadian Rockies, of course, fishing is abundant. When you have this many lakes, rivers, streams and other bodies of water, that’s kind of a given, I think. Doesn’t matter which park you come to – Banff, Jasper, or their neighbors – you’ll find excellent fishing. Some folks call it the perfect vacation. I can’t really say I disagree with them.

A couple of things you do have to remember, though. One, these are Canada’s national parks. That means you have to have a license to fish in them. It’s not expensive, and they’re easy to get. Bait shops and other shops in towns all over the place sell them. There’s just no excuse not to have one. And, like any fees you encounter when you’re here, proceeds go to maintain the parks. So it’s money well-spent.

Two, your safety is your responsibility. No one else’s. You’re out in the wilds. Okay, sure, if you’re hanging around Lake Louise, Canmore, Banff or one of the other larger towns, you’ll have plenty of company. But you still have to be prepared for weather. Bring warm clothes and emergency packs. If you’re going out onto the water or into the water, wear safety gear. And if you are going a bit farther out and expect to be more isolated, be aware of your surroundings.

Okay, okay, all of that sounds a bit grim, I know. A fisherman’s coming out here to relax, not to get worked up! I hear you. Relax to your heart’s content. I do. But, like everything else you do when you’re outdoors, it always pays to be a little careful. That’s all I’m saying.

I may have to head up to the Bow River now. I do believe there’s a trout dinner calling my name. The mountain man has to admit, he has a particular fondness for fresh-caught trout.

Now there’s an idea. Keep an eye on the blog; I’ll fill you in on some of my fishing adventures throughout the Rockies. Next time you’re on vacation up here, maybe one of these places will be calling your name.

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