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Written by Patrick J. Smith posted on Monday, August 24th, 2009

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Take the ultimate adventure on a Canadian Rockies road trip!

The roads and driving trips seem endless in the Canadian Rockies.

The roads and driving trips seem endless in the Canadian Rockies.

Living in Banff is an adventure! The weather, the locals, the tourists, the town, the nature and the wildlife all combine to make this wonderful piece of the Canadian Rocky Mountains an amazingly unique Canadian experience.

I am often asked what my favorite pastime is here in Banff. What do you do when you are in the mood for fun, out of towners often ask.  I assume they ask me this question because they are at a bit of a loss as to what to do in my neck of the woods. I could say things like “moose tipping” and other stereotypical Canadian “pastimes” (I would like to point out to those in the midwest USA who partake in cow tipping that they have not lived until they’ve tipped a moose! Once you wake from the coma and your traction is finished, you just can’t wait to get back out there and do it again!), but, alas, I feel the need to answer my fellow Canadians (if only for the week) honestly.

Ladies and gentlemen, my favorite thing to do in Banff, Alberta, Canada is road tripping!

For those of you who may not be so skilled at road tripping, I first offer my favorite “easy road trip experience!” It is the GyPSy Guide. You won’t miss a thing on your driving vacation through the Canadian Rockies and beyond. It’s your very own “tour guide” that rides in your car or RV and automatically plays commentary as you explore.

GyPSy Guide tells you interesting and entertaining facts and stories about things you see as they come into view. The Guide is filled with great suggestions on what to do and where to stop, history, explorers, hidden viewpoints, photo opportunities and quirky tales that you won’t hear anywhere else. GyPSy Guide even tells you know the best places to see wildlife.

The information is prepared and presented by the region’s best professional tour guides. With more than 1000 commentary trigger points throughout the Rockies, GyPSy Guide entertains you where ever you go. It’s the best way to tour Canada’s Mountain National Parks and other scenic locales! This thing takes the headache out of a driving tour.

The GyPSy Guide is the best option for those not familiar with the region but who want to explore it with no one but their family and friends as company.

So, there you have it! My first brilliant piece of advice. Take a drive with loved ones, or by yourself, through this awe inspiring wilderness we like to call Banff!

Oh yes! Don’t forget to start your day at Evelyn’s Coffee Bar in downtown Banff for the best cookies and coffee around! Breakfast of champions, you know!

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