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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

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Shopping Banff on a Budget

Banff National Park, Alberta

Millions of people a year come to Banff on vacation. Even though we get one of the best ski seasons in the world, summer is actually the peak visiting time. If you have done your research on the Canadian Rockies, you will see that there are more activities than you can shake a fist at. You may have heard that Banff is a very expensive place to visit and this can be true if you let it be true. However, with a little help from your mountain friends, Banff needn’t be more expensive that your own home town, especially if your home town is Tokyo. If the shopping bug bites and you don’t want to max out the credit card, here are your best options.

Small as it is, Banff has shopping for everything and everyone.

The Banff Thrift Store or ‘The Last Temptation’ is located in the bear and wolf street mall right under the Lux cinema. It is not your typical thrift store as this is Banff. If you need gear for skiing or snowboarding but don’t want to fork out ridiculous prices for new gear that you will only wear for a matter of weeks, the Thrift store offers big brand names (new and old) for a hugely reduced price. It is not just clothes either. You can get your Halloween costume, a new guitar or even an organ at different times. Note: piano organ not kidney.

For little bits and pieces that you might be overcharged elsewhere for, try the dollar store also on Bear Street. Though nothing actually seems to cost a dollar, it is certainly a far cheaper option than what you might find in higher grade shops around Banff. The Foot Locker store has always got sales and is a good option for replacing jackets, socks, shoes, etc. Keep in mind with Banff that there is so much competition that there is always a sale somewhere. Shop around and you will find what you are looking for without forcing the kids to skip college.

229 Bear Street


  • Thanks for the information! I’ve been meaning to start this process myself so this is a big help.

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