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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Thursday, February 18th, 2010

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Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets – Best Accommodations of Banff

Banff National Park, Alberta

A resort like Douglas Fir could rest on its backside and still guarantee that visitors will pour in during all seasons. It has all the amenities, privileges and luxuries that you dream of when booking your trip to the Rockies. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, a short walk away from the hive of activity that is Banff Avenue, it is ideally located. However, instead of relaxing in the mountain air, the Douglas Fir Resort has stayed innovative, always staying one step in front of the crowd. It improved its accommodations in December by building very affordable family rooms and now in February, the electronic side of things have upgraded even more so that it feels like you are starring in your own episode of MTV cribs…but without the pretensions!

Squirrels will be amongst your only neighbours while staying in the Douglas Fir

People may ask why high grade televisions should be of any interest to someone visiting the Rockies. Why should you care if there is a television at all when there is a practically endless list of activities to choose from right outside the front door? Well I thought the same thing until I moved to Banff and realised that after 7 hours of skiing in winter or hiking in summer, the body and mind need a well earned rest. This goes doubly if there is a big sports game on (The Vancouver Winter Olympics for example) and you don’t have the energy to leave the hotel. If you are away with a loved one, you may have alternative reasons for wanting to chill out in the hotel room with a bottle of red wine.

The hotel’s latest improvement project includes new, large HDTV flat screens, DVD players and Plug and Play panels in every living room. The new Plug and Play panels make it easy for families to bring and connect their gaming consoles to the new high def TV’s. Anybody who has had the privilege to play a game of Wii tennis with their family will realise how much fun this can be! It is no surprise that the Douglas Fir Resort was the only Banff hotel to be recognized in the 2010 Calgary’s Child Magazine’s Parents Choice Awards for Best Hotel/Motel. The Douglas Fir is constantly improving and its reputation as a great Banff accommodation is always on the rise.

Douglas Fir Resort & Chalets

Tunnel Mountain Road

(403) 762-5591

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