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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Friday, February 12th, 2010

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Dining in Jasper – Breakfast at George’s


Though Jasper National Park is a huge park, Jasper itself is a small quaint little town. Considering its size, it has a remarkable amount of dining options and restaurants to choose from. Just like anybody who drinks too much and doesn’t sleep enough, breakfast is my favourite meal so when the option to go to Jasper arises, the thought of having breakfast in Papa George’s is too much to refuse. Connected to the Astoria Hotel, it is renowned around Jasper locals as one of the best and most economical breakfasts around.

You are going to need all your energy to see all the sights Jasper has on offer.

You can be easily fooled into walking by without paying much notice. It is an old building and an old restaurant and though you can see through the big glass window into the restaurant, you don’t really realise that it is quite a classy place until you sit down. The fact that the breakfast special is a mere $6.99 makes things all the more enjoyable. Eating on a budget is generally not too much fun. The words McDonalds, Subway (again) and food court come to mind but the breakfast special on offer in George’s is of supreme value. Eggs as you like them, bacon, hash browns, four pieces of toast and good black coffee will mean you are set for your day of skiing, hiking or eating more.

The staff in Papa George’s are attentive and friendly and it is the kind of restaurant you really feel comfortable. Also if you are looking to choose accommodations in Jasper, you could do a heck of a lot worse than the Astoria Hotel. Considering breakfast is included, you only have to crawl downstairs to get it and the Dead Dog pub is right next door so you can wake yourself up with a Caesar straight after. Jasper is a town filled with adventure and activities so you are going to need as much energy as possible to start the day. George’s is the perfect option.

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