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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Monday, March 1st, 2010

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Communitea of Canmore – Best Restaurant in Banff and Canmore

Canmore, Alberta

Ok technically I lied; it’s not really a restaurant as much as a hippy cafe but the food was so good it deserves to be called a restaurant. Every time I return to Canmore, I love it more and more. Banff, though beautiful can sometimes get a bit crazy. Canmore, sheltered by the stunning Three Sisters Mountains has so many little quaint corners filled with cafes and pubs and this is exactly how I found Communitea. The place has a Zen-like feel. I am guessing that words like Feng Shui and inner peace should be inserted here. It is filled with natural light and greenery and is as spacious as the inside of my brain. The ladies that work there are extremely friendly and beautiful too! However, it is more than aesthetics that makes this place my new favourite.

The Three Sisters of Canmore - almost as beautiful as the waitresses in Communitea!

The latte I ordered tasted different to anything I had ever tasted before. Though Communitea specializes in tea – you may have picked that up from the name – this was one excellent coffee. At times, when drinking a coffee in Banff, you wonder if they forgot to put the caffeine in. After many, many minutes of deliberation, I made my choice of food just about squeezing in a breakfast order before 11.30am. The Classic breakfast Panini was superb. It is a mark of good food (or obesity) when you begin to feel sad coming to the last bites. I almost cried on this one. Scrambled eggs, aged cheddar, tomatoes, spinach with hummus and red pepper spread sat in front of me. Here come the tears again.

Aside from serving gluttonous people like me fantastic food, Communitea also hosts regular live music. I can’t imagine many better places to watch a small intimate gig. Banff too has a lot of live music but it tends to be more on the loud electric Friday night side of things. Of all the towns of the Canadian Rockies like Lake Louise and Jasper, Canmore – only 20 minutes from Banff- is the one that keeps on growing most for me. Best restaurant / cafe in Banff or Canmore award goes to Communitea!

Located in Mistaya Place on the corner of 10th Street & 6th Avenue in Downtown Canmore


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