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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

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BANFF NATIONAL PARK, ALBERTA—I always thought that Tuesday was the key eating day in the Banff weekly calendar. The Elk and Oarsman does a particularly delicious steak special but I dare say that Monday’s pizza special is even better. $9 for any pizza you might possible desire and these are not exactly small either. The Elk and Oarsman, along with Eddie’s Burger Bar is probably the biggest local’s favourite in Banff.

The Elk looking for the Oarsman!

It is one of the best places to go to watch the hockey or football but also has a superb menu for dining. The steak is top drawer, the pizzas sensational and even the salads – sumptuous. Located right at the Bow River end of Banff Avenue, it is fairly priced and is the kind of place you step into for a quick beer and end up leaving with the moon. Pop your head in and ask about the daily specials especially on a Monday for one of the best value dining experiences in Banff.

The Elk and Oarsman

119 Banff Avenue

(2nd Floor, Above The Ski Hub)

Banff, Alberta, Canada


Open 11 am – 1 am every day

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