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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Monday, March 22nd, 2010

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Getting Married Outdoors in Jasper

Jasper National Park, Alberta

The first time I arrived (alone) in Jasper National Park, my first thought was this town would be absolutely perfect for a wedding. It is the kind of magical place you can enjoy and forget about the depressing years of marriage awaiting! Joking aside though, it really is the perfect location to get married. The towering Rocky Mountains shelter the little town on all sides, trees sway lightly in the refreshing breeze and there are stunning lakes everywhere for some memorable photos. When it comes to a hotel to have the reception, there are some great options such as the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge and the Pyramid Lake Coast Hotel but what are your options for an outdoor ceremony?

Jasper is a great place to celebrate a wedding before the slippery slope of marriage!

The emerald green waters of Lac Beauvert offer three of the most stunning outdoor locations on offer in the Canadian Rockies. All three overlook the lake and also Whistler’s Mountain. Time wise, it is available from May through to early October (depending on weather).

Whistler’s Plateau

Located in between the Fairmont’s Whistler’s Cabins and Lac Beauvert, this is nothing short of gorgeous. This is perfect for the bigger weddings as it can fit up to 200 guests.

Beauvert Plateau

If your wedding is going to be even bigger, firstly I feel sorry for you. However, the Beauvert Plateau is a large, gently sloping location that boasts an unobstructed view of Mount Edith Cavell and can hold up to 350 normal sized people!

Right on the edge of the water, there are five separate sun decks for the more intimate weddings. Each can hold 25 people and offer views that will live in the memory for a long time. Whether you are coming from the hustle and bustle of Edmonton for a getaway wedding or coming all the way from Europe, Jasper is an ideal place to get married.

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