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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

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Heli-Hiking Banff and Jasper

Jasper National Park, Alberta

As far as I can tell in my vast experience of the world – life is all about getting one up on the next person! If you have bungi jumped in New Zealand then I will abseil the moon. If you want to do the ultimate one up on anybody then heli-skiing in the paradise that is the Canadian Rockies could not be more perfect. Sure, it is nice just cruising out of your hotel and onto a bus to the great ski hills in Banff and Jasper but why not go somewhere that perhaps no other human foot / ski has touched. Why not see sights that are usually reserved for mountain sheep? Heli-skiing the Canadian Rockies is the ultimate.

Heli-skiing is one of the most unique experiences you can have in the Canadian Rockies.

Companies such as Overlander Tours – based out of Jasper do great tours that visitors have raved about. You get a private guide, transportation along the Icefields Parkway – probably the most beautiful “highway” in the world and before you know it, you are sky high in a helicopter with the adrenalin already rushing around the body. As you sit in the helicopter with the blades whirring over head and untouched powder everywhere below, you feel like a child on Christmas Day multiplied by a thousand.

Of course, a trip like this isn’t going to be particularly cheap with prices ranging between $500-600 but in the bigger picture for an experience like this – it is money well spent. There are several different companies to choose from depending on where you are based. Try Banff Travel if you are hanging around this part of town. As it is spring, there are some great specials at the minute. Imagine if you got heli-skiing for less than those bungi jumping neighbors! It doesn’t get much better!

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