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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

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Restaurants in Banff – Lunch at Melissa’s Missteak

Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff has as many restaurants per block as Ireland does pubs and this says a lot. Literally every second building seems to be a restaurant and if that doesn’t make it hard to make your choice, then the fact that they are nearly all excellent makes things that little bit trickier. Melissa’s of Banff has been around a long while and has always been a favourite with locals. Its breakfasts are sensational and the bar upstairs always has a great atmosphere and some fantastic drink specials. However, it was time for me to sample the lunch.

Melissas's of Banff - great breakfasts but not overly impressive lunches.

The restaurant itself has a great feel about it. Flags from all around the world hang off the wooden roof. There are big windows so the sun can shine in and you can people watch to your hearts content. Despite its size and location, you sometimes feel you are in a rustic cabin. The waiting staff is always alert and friendly as can be. Furthermore they are friendly to each other. This is something I realised a long time ago. The wait staff in Canada can sometimes seem too stressed and worried about tips to be friendly to each other which in turn make the customer feel uncomfortable. Not so in Melissa’s.

After a midday beer, the food arrived on time. A chicken burger and fries for me and an unadventurous all day breakfast for my eating partner. It is rare that I will make a complaint about the food in Banff but my fries seemed to be reheated. Perhaps it was because it was quite a late lunch and the chefs didn’t want to cook new fries but they weren’t overly impressive. The burger was pretty good though nothing special. The all day breakfast – which I ended up eating most of – was as usual delicious but for the first time in recent memory I didn’t want to finish my fries. It must be taken into account that the prices in Melissa’s are extremely fair especially compared to some other restaurants in Banff. Maybe I should just stick with the breakfasts from now on!

Location: Lynx and Caribou Street, Banff

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