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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Monday, May 10th, 2010

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BANFF NATIONAL PARK, ALBERTA—The Fairmont Banff Springs was host to the Banff Rocky Mountain food and wine festival this weekend and it was a bitter sweet experience. The first thing that must be stated is that there surely couldn’t be a better location for a festival such as this than the stunning and historic Banff Springs. Everything about this hotel exudes luxury. It is a great opportunity to don your fine clothes and get your palate ready for some of the most delicious tasting wines, beers and spirits from around the world. This is all the more pity that there is a bit of a bitter taste left in the mouth as soon as you enter.

Banff can't help but give you a taste for good wine and food!

At no stage are you warned that after you pay the $27 entry fee, you will then have to fork out many more dollars if you want to enjoy the full experience of tasting as much as is humanly possible. It was only when we first got in the door of the hall and picked up a tiny paper cup with a tiny chicken wing in it that we realised ‘uh oh – we are going to get ripped off’. After the food was already in our mouth, we were asked for 14 tickets for the two mouthfuls of food. Each ticket is 50 cents. This didn’t bode well for the tastings. Traditionally, you taste wine so if you like it you buy a bottle. I am at a loss to understand why we had to pay $27 just to get in the door and then pay more again for tiny tasters.

It was not just the cost but the way this added cost is hidden until you have no choice. However, this aside, the festival was a success. Banff locals and visitors alike came from all over donned in their finest, tasting some spectacular wines and pretending to know what exactly a woody wine is! The choices were immense with two big halls filled with selections from Italy to China and Georgia to Banff. By all means, take a visit next year to the Banff Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival but prefer to pay as well as smell through the nose!

Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival

General Contact Information

Telephone: 403-228-0777

Toll-free: 1-866-228-3555

  • Thank you for attending our Festival! The Banff Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival allows you to spend a lower amount to come in the door, and then spend however much you wish on sampling coupons. (Events that include food and wine sampling typically cost more than $70.) At the Banff Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival the average person spends $28 on sampling coupons, which puts the total price for the event lower than most all inclusive events. It allows people to customize how much they spend. Just a tip for next year: buy your entrance tickets online in advance to save. This year the online early bird tickets were only $17 each!

    We do try to advertise as much as possible that sampling coupons are required at the event, so that there are no surprises once someone is inside the door. It looks like you purchased your tickets at the door. We have made a note to provide better signage at the ticket office for next year. Thanks for your feedback – it helps us to keep improving.

    We hope to see you next year sipping and sampling at the beautiful Fairmont Banff Springs!

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