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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

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BANFF NATIONAL PARK, ALBERTA—Here at, we receive a lot of emails from readers about the trips they have been on in the Canadian Rockies. To this day, we have never heard one bad thing about a train tour through the Rockies. In fact, it is quite the opposite – Taking a train tour from Vancouver to Banff or Jasper for example remains one of the top things to do while vacationing in North America. You see some of the most stunning scenery from the comfort and luxury of a train. There are all sorts of trips to choose from depending on time frame and budget.

The sites of the Rockies are best seen by train.

Various companies organize superb trips such as the Rocky Mountaineer. The trip can be simple getting you from A to B in style or it can be more customized with transfers, hotel accommodations, activities in the Rockies, rental cars, etc. Canadian Rockies Trains are particularly good when it comes to booking your train tours to the Rockies because they are very personal. You won’t be connected onto a robot answering machine and the staff really goes out of their way to make sure every day of your trip is as good as it should be.

A lot of wildlife hangs around the train tracks so chances are you will get to see some cool animals and perhaps even the elusive bears before you even arrive to Banff or Jasper National Park. There is something so comforting about the stunning sights of the Rockies mixed with the soothing noise of the train chattering along. A train tour in the Canadian Rockies will most definitely be one of the best trips you have ever been on.


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