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Written by Banff Hitch Hiker posted on Friday, April 23rd, 2010

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BANFF NATIONAL PARK, ALBERTA—So you have finally decided to make the trip up north to the beautiful town of Banff nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. If you have been reading these blogs regularly, which you should have been, you will already feel like you have been educated perfectly on all the activities there are to see and which hotels are the best. However, if you are unsure exactly what to do when you get here first, here is a breakdown of the best options.

Banff is packed full of activities and things to see.

Tourist Info Centre

This is not something I would normally recommend to a person coming into a town or city for the first time but Banff really has the best tourist info office I have ever been into. The staff is extremely friendly, helpful and bilingual. There is a ton of info and leaflets about all the things to do in Banff, where to eat, etc. It may not be as informative as certain blogs but you have to take what you get! As well as getting super organised in 10 minutes, it is also well worth a visit to watch the old school video of a man admiring wildlife. Watch out for the line ‘one must admire a wildflower from afar with adoration’!

The Banff Gondola

There are tours that take you to the Banff Gondola after a trip around the Minnewanka Loop. Though this is a fun and educational trip, it isn’t your best option. You are far better advised to save money, rent a car, drive the Minnewanka Loop yourself and then make your own way towards the Gondola on Sulphur Mountain. This is a great thing to do in your first days because it gives you a quick and easy idea of exactly what Banff is and how small it is. Having this eagle eye view of the town gives you a better idea when doing the rest of the touristy stuff you have planned. The view is also very cool and great for a photo.

Banff Gondola

Telephone: (403) 762-2523

Fax: (403) 762-7493

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