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Cool Down at Bugaboo Glacier Provincial Park, British Columbia

Bugaboo Glacier Provincial Park

Bugaboo Glacier Provincial Park

BUGABOO GLACIER PROVINCIAL PARK, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Canada –  Bugaboo Glacier Provincial Park is located in southeastern British Columbia, west of Highway 95, between Golden and Radium Hot Springs. The park has 13,646 hectares.

Great Activities and Things to do in Bugaboo Glacier Provincial Park, Canada

The Bugaboos, a favorite with mountain climbers and heli skiers is also an excellent place to hike. While the hiking trails in Bugaboo Glacier Provincial Park are few, they are challenging. Inexperienced hikers should not attempt hiking in this British Columbia provincial park.

Also: note that the park is in a remote area. If you intend to visit, know that there are few supplies and transportation options available. Bring appropriate gear and outdoor equipment. In the winter, accommodation is not available in the Bugaboos because of avalanche dangers. Roads are also not maintained in the winter.

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