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Be Close to Everything in Radium Hot Springs, BC

RADIUM HOT SPRINGS, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Canada. The village of Radium Hot Springs, located just outside the West Gate of Kootenay National Park, is the closest full service town. Highway # 93 heads in a northeasterly direction to the Radium Hot Springs Pools and Kootenay National Park. Highway # 95 travels along the Columbia River to Golden.

Accommodations and Lodging in Radium Hot Springs, Canada

Enjoy golfing on world class golf courses in this region. There are resorts, lodges, motels, hotels, gourmet restaurants, fast food outlets, grocery stores, service stations and much more at Radium Hot Springs.

Rafting is also a very popular activity in Radium Hot Springs, BC. There are tons of resources that you can use to find the perfect rafting adventure for you and your family. We highly recommend Mistaya Rafting for a one-of-a-kind whitewater experience.

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