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Written by Patrick J. Smith posted on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

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With equal emphasis on summer and winter activities, the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia are located in the southeastern corner of British Columbia. BC provides a wide range of vacation activities for anyone coming to the Rockies.

British Columbia provides amazing vaction oppotunities.

This overwhelmingly beautiful locale is full of majestic mountains, deep green forests, wildflower meadows, tranquil lakes, and teeming rivers.

The mountains stand tall with deep, warm, sunny valleys below, creating an ideal setting for a great number of activities.  The towns that nestle into the valleys are beautiful architectural examples of the past.  With a strong pioneer background, the area teems with a history that is palpable and inspiring.

The weather in the British Columbia is milder in winter than one finds in other parts of the Rockies.  Because the valleys are shielded by mountains, they are often quite temperate during the winter season, with the average high arriving well above freezing.  However, in the mountains themselves, it is another story!  In summer, the valleys are hot, but at a higher elevation, the temperature cools down to more tolerable degrees.  With fresh blooming flowers in spring, and a bombardment of color in the autumn, the British Columbia is an ideal travel vacation hot spot at any time of year.

The British Columbia is easily accessed via the excellent Canadian highway system.  Take the Trans-Canada Highway or a bus service that links the area to all major cities.  The two regional airports located at Cranbrook and Castlegar and the international airports at Vancouver and Calgary make it easy for the vacation traveler to get to and from this stunning destination.

Activities in the British Columbia Rockies

Whether it is skiing, visiting the hot springs, enjoying the tranquility of Emerald Lake, or riding on the Canadian Pacific Railway or the Meadows in the Sky Parkway, the British Columbia Rockies offer a wide range of exciting and refreshing activities for visitors of all ages.

British Columbia

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