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Written by Madison Valois posted on Monday, August 10th, 2009

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Weather in Canmore

Canmore is beautiful during all seasons.

Canmore is beautiful no matter the season.

CANMORE, Alberta – If you’re going to vacation in the Canadian Rockies, you know you’ve got to come prepared for all eventualities … but especially the cold ones.

Now here’s the good news: in Canmore, you get a bit of a break.

Canmore sits in the Bow Valley, and as such, it actually gets a little more protection than the other, larger towns in the area. In fact, Canmore boasts one of the mildest climates in all of Canada.

In January, the coldest temperature the thermometer usually registers is just -8 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit). As an added bonus, humidity in the area is usually quite low, making it feel warmer than it usually is.

True, summer tends to be short and cool – no surprise there, in Canada. Still, winters, though long, tend to be dry, and the area gets about 330 days of sunshine every year. Save for a couple of weeks between mid-May and early June (Canmore’s wet season), the area actually is considered arid.

Of course, if you plan to vacation in the Canadian Rockies, and you want to actually explore the mountains; you have to be prepared for colder temperatures and more difficult weather. But in the town of Canmore, at least, you will most likely find yourself relatively warm and probably dry.

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