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Written by Madison Valois posted on Friday, January 15th, 2010

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Golden, British Columbia, originated as a town well-known for its logging and railway industry, and while the town’s economy still greatly relies on these two industries, it has more recently become a tourist site. This development is contributed to the addition of Kicking Horse Resort, which attracts many visitors. While Kicking Horse brings in a plethora of visitors to Golden, the geography of the area could attract tourists on its own. Located in the Columbia River Valley, you’ll find around Golden the Columbia River and three mountain ranges.

General Golden Information

  • Land Area: 11.02 square kilometers
  • Population: 4,195
  • Elevation: 2,592 feet
  • Regional District: Columbia-Shuswap
  • Time Zone: Pacific
  • Year of Incorporation: 1957

Nearby National Parks

  • Yoho National Park
  • Banff National Park
  • Jasper National Park
  • Glacier National Park
  • Kootenay National Park
  • Mount Revelstoke National Park

Additional Area Attractions

  • Golden Golf and Country Club
  • Golden District Arts Council
  • The Golden Museum

Dining in Golden

  • The Kicking Horse Grill
  • Eagle’s Eye at Kicking Horse Resort
  • The Golden Taps
  • The Canyon’s Edge Steakhouse
  • The Timbermill Family Restaurant
  • Red Diamond Family Restaurant
  • Packers Place Inn & Pub
  • Golden Bakery & Deli
  • Cedar House Café & Restaurant
  • Glenogle Mountain Lodge & Spa
  • Eleven22 Guesthouse Grill & Liquids
  • Apostoles Restorante
  • McDonald’s
  • Dairy Queen

Nearest Towns and Cities

  • Beavermouth (about 20 miles away)
  • McMurdo (about 20 miles away)
  • Parson (about 20 miles away)
  • Leanchoil (about 20 miles away)
  • Glacier (about 30 miles away)
  • Lake Louise (about 40 miles away)
  • Radium Hot Springs (about 50 miles away)
  • Revelstoke (about 60 miles away)
  • Banff (about 70 miles away)

Interesting Facts and History

  • Golden originally consisted of one building called “The Cache.”
  • The name “Golden” came about because surveyor Major A.B. Rogers had set up base camp on the site of the city for his crew. A camp to the east was called “Silver City,” and because Rogers wanted to outdo them, he named his site “Golden City.” Later, it was discovered that gold mining was not one of Golden City’s successful industries, so the city was then just called “Golden.”
  • Golden’s town council and mayor Jim Doyle decided to temporarily rename the city Hockey, British Columbia for a chance to win $25,000 and a chance to host an NHL exhibition game.

Nearest Airports

  • Kelowna Airport (about 110 miles away)
  • Cranbrook Airport (about 125 miles away)
  • Calgary International Airport (about 130 miles away)

Nearby Hospitals and Healthcare

  • Golden District Hospital
  • Golden Health Council
  • Queen Victoria Hospital in Revelstoke (about 60 miles away)

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