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Golden, BC Accommodations and Services

Alpine Meadows Lodge
Small Timber frame mountain lodge on a large private reserve in Golden, BC. Just minutes from town. Great location. breakfast included. Spanish spoken. Very memorable place to stay.
Website: Click Here!
Purcell Mountain Lodge
Escape to a place with no roads, […]

British Columbia Cultural Tours

Take a cultural tour of British Columbia
Drummer, Pike Island, JF Bergeron photo
British Columbia history includes Aboriginal, Asian and European cultures that all made their mark on this beautiful land.
British Columbia has the highest diversity of First Nations tribes in Canada, […]

Five Great Towns in the Canadian Rockies

Best Towns to See in the Canadian Rockies
Having the great fortune to travel throughout the Canadian Rockies, there are five towns within reasonable distance of one another that I’ve found to be perfect destinations. If you only have a […]

Banff National Park – Center of the Canadian Rockies

Capture the incredible scenery in Banff National Park.
So much to see and do in Banff National Park
BANFF, Alberta – Banff National Park is the oldest and largest conservation wilderness and wildlife park in the Canadian Rockies. As an UNESCO World […]

The Best of Banff

For those visiting Banff, the challenge is how to get around, and how to see all the highlights – especially if you have limited time and/or you don’t have your own car.

Fortunately for people like us, there are the Brewster coach tours. Brewster has been guiding people through the Canadian Rockies ever since the Canadian Pacific Railways decided “if we can’t export the mountains, we’ll have to import the tourists.”