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Written by Cassidy Barnes posted on Thursday, April 8th, 2010

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So you’ve decided to get married in the Canadian Rockies. Congratulations! Now the next steps are to choose where, call a wedding planner and start inviting the guests.

The gorgeous gondola ride straight out of Banff is a great activity for you and your guests!

In all your planning remember to tell your guests all the awesome things they can do while they’re here! Your effort will make your wedding an unforgettable vacation for them and more fun for you as well!

Ciara Daykin is a local wedding planner and owner of Firefly Occasions. She suggests group activities for your guests. This way they’ll all be friends before they find their seats on either side of the aisle at the wedding.

Family bonding will be fun and easy with planned activities that gets them out and exploring the beautiful surroundings in and around Banff National Park.

Daykin also reminds the betrothed couple that this bonding can come at no extra cost to them. “You don’t have to pay for everything, you just have to have it organized,” she says.

To please everyone she suggests organizing two separate trips, for example whitewater rafting and guided sight seeing. Afterwards, everyone can meet up for a dinner at one of Banff’s great restaurants, where everybody can swap stories and enjoy a fantastic meal together.

    Getting Started

First, provide everybody with a choice of accommodation. Our lodging section has everything from castles and cabins to comfortable hotel rooms. Fit the budget and taste of each of your wedding guests!

Other than a roof over their heads, your guests will also want to eat while they’re here. No worries! Banff and Canmore have wonderful restaurants ready to please any palate and accommodate any size of group. Visit Canadian restaurants for listings.

And lastly, provide entertainment and your guests will love you forever. They might anyway, but click on the links below to make sure! Whether they like hiking, driving, sightseeing, or more intense outdoor activity, the Canadian Rockies has got them covered!

Click any of the links below for fast access to fun in the Canadian Rockies.

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