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Written by Cassidy Barnes posted on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

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Just about any outdoor activity can be practiced in Montrose, in southwest Colorado. Activities in the area include rock climbing, boating, rafting, fishing, hiking, camping and wine tasting.

Visitors admire the view at Black Canyon, in the Gunnison National Park. (William Woody / Daily Press)

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Here are a few ideas for things to do in Montrose. Enjoy!

Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area
This beautiful nature area northeast of Montrose is full of magnificent views and wildlife. During your stay, you’ll probably run across bighorn sheep, elk, deer, wintering bald eagles, and lots of other migratory birds. The gorge itself is made of steep, polished black walls and red sandstone. The fishing is amazing in the river that is reachable by four trails in the park.

Black Canyon
This canyon is in the Gunnison National Park. Stop by the South Rim Visitors Center when you arrive for information about the area. There are countless activities, including, but not limited to hiking the inner canyon, scenic drives, fishing, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, ranger guided activities, and horseback riding.

Curecanti National Recreation Area
This recreation area is formed by three reservoirs, one of them the Blue Mesa Reservoir, the largest body of water in Colorado. Each reservoir is named after a dam in the Gunnison River. The area borders Black Canyon on the west side. The views of the panoramic mesas, fijord-like waters, and steep narrow canyons are truly incredible. But you won’t be the first to be in the area; the proof lies in the recently discovered dinosaur fossils and traces of a 6,000 year-old dwelling.

Rocky Hill Winery is one of the many in the county of Montrose. It is one mile from the Ute Indian museum in the city of Montrose. This winery produces Colorado’s oldest and finest wines. Tours and tastings are available.

Cimarron Railroad Exhibit

This homage to the old railroad shows off its 1882 Denver & Rio Grande narrow gauge locomotive and trestle. The trestle is the last remaining piece of the former Black Canyon Route. The museum is 20 miles east of Montrose.

Montrose County Historical Museum
Located in the old train depot, this museum features historic buggies and wagons, farm machinery, and even a whole furnished cabin from the old days. While you’re there check out the country store, Indian artifacts, old musical instruments and railroad memorabilia. Open mid-May through September on the corner of Main Street and Rio Grande.

Ute Indian Museum
This Montrose museum has one of the most complete collections of artifacts of the Ute Indian civilization, who lived in Utah and Colorado. Their exhibits show and explain how the Ute lived with colorful dioramas and educational programs.

Ouray Memorial Park
This memorial park is just two miles south of Montrose and is dedicated to commemorating the lives and culture of the Ute. The museum is on the farm that once belonged to the famous leader, Chief Ouray.

Drive-in Movie Theatre
The Montrose Star Drive-in is a fun nighttime activity in the area. Double features run at the Star during the summer. It is the oldest family-owned and operated drive-in in America, almost in its 60th year of business.

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