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Written by Cassidy Barnes posted on Monday, March 8th, 2010

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Steph Myer railsliding at Echo Mountain. Photo by

One of the newest additions to the Colorado ski resort scene is the original, hip and stylish Echo Mountain. Located a mere 35 miles from Colorado’s capital in Arapahoe National Forest, Echo Mountain is not only the closest ski resort to Denver but also the only Colorado ski resort dedicated to freestyle terrain. This Colorado ski attraction is fresh, affordable, and committed to supporting the cool and innovative side of skiing and snowboarding.

What it offers

Echo Mountain is one giant park at what was formerly called Squaw Pass. Now the area includes 15 runs and an average snowfall of 220 inches per year. Although the opening days in December trail behind the norm, Echo Mountain stays alive well past the closing dates of most mountains. Opening hours stretch from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. five nights a week, with separate night tickets available at a lower price.

Elevation creeps to about 10,500, and the vertical drop is a mere 660 feet. Yet Echo Mountain is not the place to search for steep slopes and family cruisers; it’s real golden shine comes from the features that mimic a spectacular playground for park lovers.

The accessories

Echo Mountain is divided into five major park sections with difficulty levels marked easy, intermediate and difficult. Freestyle features are a mixed bag of over 100 different jibs: Boxes, rail designs, jumps, street-style hits and countless other obstacles. The Westside Glades serves as a small black diamond setting with natural park features like log setups for rail slides and wall rides.

Equipped with a halfpipe and Junkyard section that turns anything into a potential jib object, Echo Mountain has delivered and implemented ideas to bring freestyle skiing and riding to another level.

As a plus, areas shaped into groomed ski runs exist at beginner, easy and intermediate levels.

Safety First

Most importantly, Echo Mountain supports the necessity for safety on its playground. Skiers and riders must know the essential rules: Scope out landings before jumping, respect other athletes, pick comfortable features to tackle and start small before going big.

Lessons and progression sessions are also offered at Echo mountain to help train and boost confidence in first timers, intermediates and even advanced skiers and riders.

With the help of Echo Mountain’s team and its superb layout of features, any skier and snowboarder ready to exercise their creative side will experience freedom, encouragement, and a progression in their very own unique way.

Hotels near Echo Mountain

Highland Haven Creekside Inn: Situated in nearby Evergreen, this warm mountain lodge is across the Break Creek and offers rooms with a homey decor and caring touch. An ideal alternative to the Denver hotel scene. Call 1-800-780-5733 or visit Highland Haven Creekside Inn.

Brook Forest Inn Bed & Breakfast: Another Evergreen favorite. This historic inn has a rustic feel on the outside and an elegant charm on the inside. A good deal and beautiful location, suitable for couples and families. Call 1-800-780-5733 or visit Brook Forest Inn Bed & Breakfast.

Table Mountain Inn: Golden is a good choice when selecting Front Range towns lodging because it still has its own character. Table Mountain Inn’s casa-type feel is a good example, providing balconies and lovely views of the foothills. Call 1-800-780-5733 or visit Table Mountain Inn.

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