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Written by Cassidy Barnes posted on Thursday, February 11th, 2010

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Have cowboy dreams? Take a Colorado dude ranch vacation and live it on a real working ranch, horseback riding, rounding up cattle and eating around a campfire. Of course, dude ranches are about much more than horses these days, and you’ll find something to do for everyone on a Colorado dude ranch, whether it’s fishing, rafting, hiking, mountain biking or other great Colorado Rockies activities.

Video Transcript:

Spend time at a Colorado Dude Ranch and get a glimpse of a Western tradition full of freedom and love for wild nature.

Dozens of dude ranches in Colorado are open from spring to late fall for visitors who dream of the Old Western lifestyle.

Ranch activities range from farm work to fishing and hunting, while evening cookouts bring visitors and ranchers together for a fire-crackling atmosphere.

Hayrides, horseshoe games and barn dances keep ranching life alive after a day of satisfying time spent in the open outdoors.

Horseback riding is a rich experience and ideal way to learn the ropes on caring for a rancher’s best friend. Horseback adventures can last for hours or days, and can be catered for kids, adults, and skills of any level.

Colorado dude ranches combines modern day luxuries with the excitement of an early explorer and cowboy lifestyle. Find out more on Colorado adventures here at, Two countries, one Rockies.

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