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Written by Patrick J. Smith posted on Friday, July 3rd, 2009

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There are so many spectacular places to see in the Canadian Rockies, sometimes it is just easiest to pile into the car and go for a road trip. There are some of our favorites at canadianrockies.org.

The Boomtown Trail

Catch stunning sunsets on a Canadian Rockies roadtrip.

Catch stunning sunsets on a Canadian Rockies roadtrip.

Full of early pioneer architecture from the “boomtown” years, this route between Calgary and Edmonton covers south and central Alberta as well as the delightful towns of Calgary and Edmonton.

The Canadian Badlands Trail

Here you’ll be privy to the largest collection of dinosaur memorabilia in the world. Travel this well-worn trail to discover amazing geological finds that reveal the prehistory of the region. Covers southern Alberta as well as Calgary and its environs.

The Cowboy Trail

A true wild west route that takes you through southern and central Alberta as well as the Calgary area, you’ll get a personal look at how the pioneers and cowboys lived back in the day.

The Crowsnest Highway 3

As the oldest inter-provincial highway in Alberta, you can soak up the many historic sites along this southern Alberta route.

The David Thompson Explorer’s Trail

Hit all the best sightseeing spots in the Canadian Rockies.

Hit all the best sightseeing spots in the Canadian Rockies.

Here you will traverse the famous trail used by one of Canada’s most famed explorers, David Thompson, taking you through central Alberta and among some of the best views of the Canadian Rockies.

The Deh Cho Trail

Cutting a large pathway through northern Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and Northern British Columbia, the Deh Cho (or “big river” in the Aboriginal language) follows some of the magnificent rivers traversed by the Native Americans of the past.

The Grande Alberta Trail

Here you will find gushing rivers, snow-capped mountains, and a plethora of wildlife all around. Taking you through central and north Alberta, the Canadian Rockies, and Edmonton, this route is full of great outdoor activities for one and all.

Highway 2 north from Calgary to Edmonton

Covering some of southern and central Alberta as well as Calgary and Edmonton, this one day trip takes you on an old wagon trail that is filled with attractions that are steeped in history and charm.

The Icefields Parkway

With its breathtaking waterfalls, huge banks of ice, and crystalline lakes, this classic Canadian Rockies route runs between Calgary and Edmonton, with amazing sights and places to stop all along the way.

Kalyna Country

Don't miss the Icefields Parkway in the Canadian Rockies.

Don't miss the Icefields Parkway in the Canadian Rockies.

Here you will find Canada’s largest ecomuseum and largest settlement of Ukrainians and Eastern Europeans. The area includes central Alberta, Edmonton, running all the way to the Saskatchewan border.

The Klondike Trail

This trail was made famous during the gold rush of the late 1800s. Take this spectacular route from Edmonton to the Yukon and sample some of the Canadian Rockies’ pioneer past.

North to Alaska Trail

Take two weeks to complete this amazing trek that starts from the Montana, U.S. and Alberta, Canada border. Wend your way to Alaska heading north through Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, British Columbia, and finally to the Alaska Highway where you’ll land in the legendary Dawson Creek.

The Northern Alberta Heritage Trail

This trail takes you into northern Alberta where you will find wonderful historic towns long with gorgeous scenic vistas along the way.

The Northern Lights and Oil Sands Trail

You will be able to witness the famed Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights on this beautiful trip through northern Alberta. Quaint historic villages and an abundance of wildlife viewing are other advantages of this three day trip.

The Northwestern Alberta Circle

The overwhelming scenery that you will encounter on this northern Alberta journey will astound you as you go through Peace River Country. Take your time to explore some of the charming communities that make up this agricultural region.

The Trail of the Buffalo

As the trail tells you, this is the route of the bison that cuts through east central Alberta. A great vacation trip during the summer months, the journey is chock full of great sights and outdoor activities for the entire family.

The Trail of the Great Bear

See bears and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

See bears and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Here you will be in the home of the grizzly, which is reflected in the legends that are part of this beautiful region. Beginning in Yellowstone National Park, the trail takes you through spectacular vistas through the north of Montana and Alberta.

The Trans-Canada Highway

Ride alongside miles of prairie that lies beneath the magnificent Canadian Rockies as you travel from east to west. Take at least a week to soak in the history and enjoy all of the great hiking, fishing, and exploring that is waiting for you to discover.

Two City-Two Park Circle Tour

A great way to get the feel of the cosmopolitan cities of Calgary and Edmonton, all under the spell of the Canadian Rockies. Travel from one city to the other, taking in the splendor of the vast terrain as you pass through wonderful areas such as Kananaskis County, a year-round recreational area that combines amazing vistas with great outdoor activities.

The UNESCO Trail

Plan enough vacation time to explore this wonderful trail that includes five out of thirteen Canadian UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Yellowhead Highway

Drive through central Alberta’s parks and forests to experience the true center of the Canadian Rockies. Named after the blonde 1800s trapper, Pierre Bostonais, this trail will take you to 8 national parks where you can revel in nature’s beauty at its best.

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