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Where is Glacier National Park?

REVELSTOKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — Canada’s Glacier National Park is in British Columbia, Canada, near the border of Alberta, Canada. A large section — over one million acres — of the park spills over into Montana, while Canada’s Glacier National Park is 1,349 square kilometres.

Not only does Glacier National Park encompass part of the Selkirk Mountains, which is part of the Columbia Mountains, but it also contains one of Canada’s largest cave systems. You’ll find that there is more to Glacier National Park than what meets the eye.

Look to your right to see a Glacier National Park map.

The History of Glacier National Park

It was the Native Americans who saw the value of what would eventually become Glacier National Park: the Blackfeet, the Salsih, and the Kootenai Native Americans hunted bison and sought shelter from the harsh winters near the sloping mountains–a better shelter than the Great Plains to the east. In the United States, the area was declared a National Park in 1910. The completion of the Going-To-The-Sun Road in 1932 allowed for travelers to traverse the beautiful mountain terrain with ease and wonder.

In Canada, much of Glacier National Park’s history concerns the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Trans Canada Highway. The completion of the railway opened tourism to the area and allowed explorers to venture into never-before-seen land. The area was established as a Canadian National Park in 1886–making it the second Canadian National Park (Banff National Park was the first), and Yoho National Park was quick to be named third, also established in 1886.

What to See & Do in Glacier National Park!

See the natural landscape of Glacier National Park.

See the natural landscape of Glacier National Park.

There is plenty to see. Forests make up over fifty percent of the park’s landscape, and there is a variety of wildlife to photograph and watch, including, grizzly and black bears, goats, and a variety of insects, reptiles, and birds.

The other must-see in Glacier National Park is the glaciers. With over 400 glaciers in the Canadian National Park alone (because of extensive melting, there are only 25 in the American Glacier National Park are considered glaciers), seeing them is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Glacier National Park contains some of the most-studied glaciers in North America and hence, the park is aptly named!

Activities in Glacier National Park include hiking, whitewater rafting, fishing, cross-country skiing, boat tours, and more! See our section on Glacier National Park activities.

Waterton National Park: Glacier National Park’s sister

In 1932, Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park joined forces to form the first international peace park, called the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Click here for more information about Waterton Lakes National Park.

Glacier National Park

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