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Written by Madison Valois posted on Monday, May 6th, 2013

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Glacier National Park offers some of the best in Montana vacation activities

Glacier National Park is certainly one of the highlights of a Montana Vacation, offering some of the best in backpacking, hiking, horseback riding and rafting. Nearby, you find world-class Montana accommodations, restaurants and vacation rentals.

With its mountain ranges jutting jagged into the sky, prehistoric rivers, lush alpine meadows, dense forests, waterfalls and more than 50 waterfalls and 200 lakes, you’d be crazy not to put Glacier National Park at the top of your Montana vacation list!

Glaciers has great wild flowers.

Established in 1910, the park consists of 1,600 square miles of magnificent land, with very few miles of road breaking up the scenery.  The unspoiled beauty makes Glacier National Park a haven for lovers of big nature, photographers, or anyone wanting to seriously get away from it all.  With more than 700 miles of trails, hiking or horseback riding is a pleasure.

Glacier National Park is in the northern Rockies and lies at the border of Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada.  Together, the two parks create Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park World Heritage Site, which makes for a perfect Montana-Canadian holiday vacation.  Take the breathtaking 52-mile long highway called “Going to the Sun Road” that goes through Glacier National Park and then crosses the Continental Divide at Logan Pass to continue on to the famed “Garden Wall.”

Glaciers peaks are very distinctive.

There are roughly 1,200 campsites throughout the park, which are available on a first come, first serve basis so there is no excuse for not staying in this glorious paradise for as long as you can.  If camping isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of historic lodges and hotels open during season.  You can also choose various tours that go through the park in addition to hiking on your own.

Note to travelers:  the maximum vehicle size for riding over Logan Pass is 20 feet long and 8 feet wide (including bumpers and mirrors.)  Oversize vehicles will find parking at various points along the way.  Rental cars are available at nearby towns.  Shuttle service is also available.

Logan Pass opens in the middle of June and closes during the middle of October, depending on weather conditions.  The park and Going to the Sun Road are open all year round.

Call the park for more information.

Glacier National Park

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