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Written by csilberman posted on Thursday, March 4th, 2010

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Colorado Landscape in Winter

Winter Landscape

This view of the Ragged Mountains from McClure Pass is one of my favorites. The day before this was taken, I drove up and clicked off a dozen shots, which looked nice, but lacked punch. For this one, I waited until the sun crested the ridge to the east and was just lighting the foreground.

Using a polarizing filter darkened the blue sky to the south and improved the contrast with the clouds. What makes this different from many of my landscape photos is that I was not zoomed out all the way, and I’m using a horizontal orientation instead of my favorite vertical. The 22mm focal length, with my DSLR sensor, is like a medium wide angle, and the horizontal framing of the shot better captured the broad expanse, while still including enough foreground to lend the proper perspective.


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