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Written by Cassidy Barnes posted on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

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Yellowstone is a great place to see Montana's wildlife, such as the grizzly.

The weather has been warming up a bit early this year in Montana, and that’s got me thinking of spring-time activities, and especially hiking and sightseeing in Yellowstone National Park. If you’ve got a decent sense of U.S. geography, you’re probably thinking “but Yellowstone is in Wyoming” true enough, Yellowstone is technically in Wyoming, but three of its five main entrances are in Montana, and the Billings airport offers some of the best transportation to the park.

Now, before I say anymore about springtime in Yellowstone, let me just note that winters in Yellowstone aren’t amazing. I love going there for snowshoeing, cross-country ski trips, snowmobiling and snowcoach tours.

Now that I’ve gotten on old man winter’s good side, let me say that spring and summer, as the snow starts to melt, is one of the most exciting times to visit Yellowstone for me. In a couple weeks (the park usually opens in mid-April, depending on how long it takes to clear roads) the park will be completely opened.

Early spring is a great time to visit visit popular Yellowstone sightseeing attractions, such as Old Faithful and the Mammoth Hot Springs, before the big crowds come pouring in. At the height of the season, Old Faithful can have as many as 25,000 visitors per day.

Furthermore, the less people, the better your chance (in my opinion) of seeing wildlife. As the park starts to re-open in mid-April, the animals have had a little reprieve from the crowds of winter, so bring your binoculars, and get ready to see some wolves, bears, elk and more.

Enjoy Yellowstone, and enjoy Montana!

  • America’s first National Park- Yellowstone National Park, fabulous nature’s gift, Wyoming’s flagship attractions, and a natural cornucopia. In brimming sun, with perfect blue sky and mountains sticking and rising high up as background Yellowstone National Park is amazing destination for exploring the plethora of nature, wildlife, geology and loads of adventure and thrill seeking adventures.

  • Yellowstone National Park is the flagship of the National Park Service and a favorite to millions of visitors each year. The park is a major destination for all members of the family. By driving the grand loop road, visitors can view the park from the comfort of their vehicle and also take a rest at one of the many roadside picnic areas.

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