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Written by Patrick J. Smith posted on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

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Are you interested in camping in the Jasper National Park but don’t want to go out and buy all the fancy equipment? You may find that Cottage Tents at Whistlers campground in Jasper National Parks great way to go.

Camping in Jasper National Park offers great views for campers.

This is a perfect for people who are going camping for the first time, and want to test the waters before jumping in.

Cottage Tents has basic-furnished tents 14 feet in length and 20 feet in width, and are high enough to stand in. You’ll not only get a great tent, but a camping area at Whistlers with a picnic table, fire box, food locker, kitchen utensil locker and parking site for one vehicle. Spacious and comfortable like Jasper National Park hotels and lodging, but with a rustic appeal still cozy and clean.

Whistlers campground, is just three kilometers from the town of Jasper and offers a beautiful forested area and a perfect setting to get the vibe of what it’s like to experience Jasper’s wonderful wilderness. The campsites also offer fire boxes to set the mood as things wind down to a tranquil evening by the fireplace.

The tents include one double bed and mattress and bunk beds with mattresses, so campers need only their own sleeping, but even bed linen is provided. In addition, two fold-out lounge chairs can each be made into a single bed if needed. Two electric wall lights are in each cottage tent, plus electric baseboard heating to keep things cozy on chilly nights. Add the extras like clothes hangers and cleaning supplies, and these tents define luxury camping.

To help keep the tents clean, pets are now allowed in the tents, and smoking is not allowed. It’s suggested that campers remove their shoes before entering, so consider bringing along a pair of slippers to shuffle around inside. Campers are encouraged to bring any food they wish, however this being bear country be sure to always store, cook and eat outside the tents.

Campground staff are ready to help campers get familiar and settled in these charming cottage tents. The cost of a rental is $90 per night, and there are three different tents to choose from (one is wheelchair accessible). Reservations can be made either online or by calling 1 877 737 3783.

Click here and check out the LIVE webcam of Jasper!

  • Camping in your own tent is awesome, but yurts and cottages are great too. You don’t have to carry your tent around while hiking. This is great for those that aren’t accustomed to carrying around a heavy pack in the outdoors. Sounds like a great place for outdoors adventures and family camping fun!

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