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Written by Cassidy Barnes posted on Thursday, August 5th, 2010

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No doubt about it, Jasper National Park is a big place, the biggest park in the Canadian Rockies, and there are a lot of things to do here. So we’ve been talking to locals to get their advice what you should be sure to check out during your Jasper vacation. To get the Parks Canada perspective, we talked to Jasper National Park media representative Thea Mitchell.

Athabasca River and Mount Christie at sunrise, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Below you’ll find five great suggestions for Jasper Must Sees. To get a good look at the town of Jasper and the surrounding mountains, be sure to visit our Jasper webcam.

1. Columbia Icefields: No surprise here, really. Just about anyone you’ll talk to will recommend a visit to the Icefields. They’re truly one of the top sights to see in all of the Canadian Rockies. “It’s one of the few places where you can really see the icefields up close,” Mitchell says. Also, there’s a great intpretation center there as well as an info center.”

2. Whistlers Peak: This is a classic high-alpine area of Jasper National Park, with great views all around. Normally you’d have to have some time and be in pretty good shape to make it this high up (2277 metres or 7472 ft.). But Mitchell notes that you can be whizzed to the top of this magnificent peak with the Japser Tramway, making this a great option for everyone, no matter their level of backcountry experience or fitness.

3. Athabasca Falls: This 23-metre Athabasca Falls is not very high by Canadian Rockies standards, but it has an incredibly high volume. What it lacks in height, it makes up for in power. It makes for some interesting geology too. At the falls, the water passes over a layer of hard quartzite. Over the years, the water has cut into the softer limestone beneath, carving intricate features, including potholes and a short canyon.

4. Miette Hot Springs: This is a great choice for getting in some relaxation on your visit to Jasper National Park. Water as hot as 53.9ºC flows out of these springs in a narrow canyon along Sulphur Creek. Heated geothermally, the Miette Hotsprings are the hottest known springs in the Canadian Rockies. If you’re body hurts from pushing it hard in the outdoors, this is the place to come relax.

5. The Cavell Meadows/Mt. Edith Cavell: “It’s one of the gems of Jasper,” says Mitchell. It’s a popular hike, with great views of Mt. Edith Cavell, a small glacial lake filled with icebergs, and sub-alpine meadows. Right now there is a longer alpine hike available to visitors, and, according to Mitchell, work being done by Parks Canada to fix up a shorter hike should wrap up soon.

That’s it for now. Hope you found it helpful in planning your Jasper vacation! Read more from Rockies Insiders here.

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