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Written by Cassidy Barnes posted on Friday, August 6th, 2010

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Hitting Jasper National Park this summer with thoughts of taking your first backcountry camping trip? It can be daunting going out your first time, without much knowledge of what to do. So we interviewed Parks Canada Jasper representative Thea Mitchell on ways to ease yourself into Jasper’s backcountry, and some tips for what to bring.

Get backcountry info at the Jasper Park Information Centre.

Below you’ll find some great tips for getting started in Jasper’s backcountry. To get a great view of Jasper, visit the Jasper webcam!

1. Day hikes: “If they’ve never done it before, I’d recommend for them to come and stay in town and do some day hikes,” Mitchell says. There are plenty of short hikes near the town of Jasper that are great to get you prepped for a longer trek. Check out the Pyramid Bench as a great local hiking area.

2. Cottage Tents: “If they want to try camping for the first time, Parks Canada is doing a trial run of Cottage Tents,” Mitchell told us. Basically, Parks Canada has already setup and stocked a tent for you at the beautiful Whistlers Campground. This also included a 30 minute session with campground staff on camping. “It’s a great intro to camping without having to go out and buy all the gear,” says Mitchell. Click for more info on Cottage Tents.

3. The Right Trips: For your first actual backcountry trips, you’ll want to choose places that have some facilities, such as lodges and developed campgrounds, as well as clearly defined trails. Mitchell suggested the Tonquin Valley and the Skyline Trail. Both are in beautiful parts of Jasper, and offer plenty of facilities, including lodges, and easy to follow trails.

4. Prepare: “It’s important to always do some trip planning,” says Mitchell. “Be prepared for some changing weather.” Unpredictability is probably the only thing you can count on when it comes to weather in the Canadian Rockies. Always bring extra clothes, just in case.  Also, Mitchell says, “A tarp is a good way to the rain off on wet days and the sun off on hot days.”

5. Visit Parks Canada: Want to be informed on the very latest goings on with trails and weather in Jasper National Park? Want the most up-to-date info on trail closures, changes and all things Jasper? Then make sure to stop by the Parks Canada office in Jasper at 500 Connaught Drive. Besides being a great place to get info, it’s a very cool historic building worth seeing.

Hope that helps with your Jasper backcountry vacation! Get more info from Rockies insiders.

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