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The oldest park in the country that is famous for this maple tree has many interesting attractions to visit. One of them is the beauty of some beautiful lakes that are able to hypnotize the eye.

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Stretching an area of ​​6,641 square kilometers, Banff National Park is said to be Canada’s oldest national park.

The national park complex, which was built in 1885 in the Rocky Mountains region, consists of mountainous terrain, glaciers, ice fields to coniferous forests.

Between the rocks and snow that surrounds Banff National Park, Lodgepole pine trees and Engelmann pine trees dominate the forest.

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Canada is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and well-maintained. Even today, there are more than 40 national parks scattered throughout Canada. One of the best known and the oldest national parks in Canada is the Banff National Park in Alberta.

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Canada is a major destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This country has the largest national park in the world in terms of number and size.

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