Traveling to Canada, it’s not fun if you don’t stop by Banff National Park. The oldest park in the country that is famous for this maple tree has many interesting attractions to visit. One of them is the beauty of some beautiful lakes that are able to hypnotize the eye.

One of them is the beauty of Lake Vermilion at the foot of Mount Norquay. He cried again when visiting in winter because the surface of the lake is frozen and can be used for activities such as ice skating.

There are still 5 beautiful lakes that can make you amazed in this national park, you know! Curious? Let’s explore one by one.

Lake Peyto


The beautiful lake, which is located between the Canadian Rockies Mountains, has the color of Tosca with the shape of a lake that almost resembles a wolf animal. The beauty of the lake is more charming because of the presence of pine trees that surround the lake. A perfect composition that makes the holiday more exciting.

When summer comes, Lake Peyto has a nickname as a jewel. Because, if the glaciers are covering the mountains around the lake melt, ice will enter the lake. And if you notice, flickering lights on the ice bounce like a jewel.

Lake Louise


It has a depth of 70 meters, the name of Lake Louise was taken from the name of Queen Victoria’s daughter, Louise Caroline Alberta. Famous for its turquoise water, Lake Louise is the most sought after place by photographers to capture this extraordinary natural beauty.

A vacation to Lake Louise will be more exciting with the existence of Chateau Lake Louise, a luxury hotel located on the edge of the lake, which makes your sleep decorated with sweet dreams. Besides its location on the edge of the lake, the high mountains become one of the best views in this hotel.

Lake Moraine


Among the six beautiful lakes in Banff National Park, Lake Moraine, which has its own uniqueness. Where the water in this lake can change a color, you know. When the mountain glaciers melt, the lake water will turn to Tosca green. However, in general, the color of the lake water is light blue and clear.

The uniqueness and beauty of Lake Moraine often made as a wallpaper gadgets. Another interesting fact about Lake Moraine is that it was once named one of the most beautiful lakes in the world by the CNN version.

Lake Minnewanka


In Banff National Park, Lake Minnewanka is the largest lake among other beautiful lakes. It is said that this beautiful lake is the residence of the spirits which are believed by the surrounding community to be the inhabitants of the lake. Especially in 1941, around the lake was built a dam that aims to raise the surface of the water. Unlucky, all that remains is hope when the city in the lake region becomes submerged.

Although sinking to the bottom of Lake Minnewanka, the sinking city is a favorite place for lovers of scuba diving down the lake.

Lake Bow



Not as famous as Lake Moraine or Lake Louise, Bow Lake has a beauty that is no less beautiful than the lakes in Banff National Park. This lake has clear water, and if we look at it from above, it will be very clear what is at the bottom of the lake.

Entering the winter season, there is Crowfoot Glacier, which is a thousand-year-old chunk of ice. But unfortunately, a long glacier can reach 5 km. Because eroded, now there are only 1.5 km. But, it does not reduce the beauty of Lake Bow to visit.

In your opinion, which is the most beautiful lake?