Canada is one of the countries that has a population who likes to read so many libraries have been built to provide various books from various parts of the world.

Not only are the books complete, but this library also has an attractive design and not a few maintain its fascinating historical-style buildings.

The library was successful in attracting many visitors. Not only reading, sometimes this library also holds performances on stage and also high-value art exhibitions.

Here are five cool libraries in Canada, not just a book paradise, you know!


1. Maison de la Littérature – Quebec City, QC

Maison de la Littérature has a public library and permanent exhibitions about Québec, writing competitions, comic book workshops, and a creative studio. Many events are also shown on stage throughout the year which are certainly interesting to visit.

Open to the public, this library can be used as a place to develop ideas, a quiet place to write, to a meeting place. This library promotes Québec literature and writers who are not only based at home, but also abroad.


2. Grande Bibliotèque – Montreal, QC

The Grande Bibliothèque is a 33,000 square meter public library which is strategically located in the heart of Quebec’s largest city. The library is an extraordinary cultural venue providing free and open access to more than four million items, including two million books.

Interestingly, this library provides special services for children aged 0 to 13 years, teenagers, business people, newcomers to Québec, members of the cultural community, and people with visual impairments or others which of course makes it easier for all groups to take advantage of the various facilities available.


3. Westmount Public Library – Quebec City, QC

The Westmount Public Library was built in 1898-1899 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria who reigned at the time. Located in Westmount Park 4574, West in the City of Westmount, this library has managed to maintain its historical splendor as well as become a modern resource.


The palace-like building also succeeded in making anyone amazed. There is an art gallery called Stewart Hall which is beautiful.


4. Douglas Library – Kingston, ON

The Douglas Library is on the southeast of University Avenue & Union Street. The name of the library is in honor of Sir James Douglas, UK’s Chancellor from 1915 to 1918.

There was a story spread around students that this Library was built upside down and the side facing away from University Avenue should be facing the street.


5. Library of Parliament – Ottawa, ON

The Library of Parliament is located in the Canadian capital, Ottawa. This library is the last remaining part of the original Central Block building. This place opened in 1876 and is a building that survived the fire disaster that occurred in 1916.

This library has a magnificent building and interesting architecture with a neat arrangement of books. Seen the architecture of the building that has a high historical value.

Canada has many libraries worth visiting. Apart from being a place to read, sometimes there are many art exhibitions held in this place which is certainly very interesting to watch. Interested in visiting?