Amazing! Natural Phenomena Loaded in Winter Beauty

Lots of fun to be had in winter. Maybe what directly implies in your mind is snow. Yes, snow is indeed one of the most awaited things in winter. However, there are still many other beautiful phenomena that occur during winter.

There are some beautiful natural phenomena that can only be enjoyed only in winter. What are you doing?

1. Polar Night

Is one of the natural phenomena full of uniqueness that occurs in the Arctic. Polar night is a solar phenomenon when its position is below the horizon of about two months. The sky will always be dark, including during the day when the polar night takes place.

snowy mountains

When the polar night lasts, the sun is also released at night. Some countries such as Northern Norway and Finland are the best places to enjoy this phenomenon, while you can play the gambling online game in agen joker123

2. Frozen Bubbles

Lake Abraham, located in the Banff National Park region, Canada, is a great place to enjoy frozen bubbles. Looking normal like a normal lake in the summer, Abraham’s lake gives rise to hundreds of bubbles trapped beneath the surface of the lake to freeze during this phenomenon.

Do not fall asleep with its beauty, because it is not a water bubble but a methane bubble that can explode naturally if this phenomenon occurs in spring.

3. Sun Pillars

Is the first natural phenomenon that can be found in winter. Sun Pillars or Pillars of light occur when sunlight reflects ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere. The light that crashed into the ice crystal was then reflected back and formed a straight line towards the sky like a pillar.

Among other areas, Canada is a country that offers the most beautiful performances of ice pillars. Sun Pillars can be enjoyed before or after and before sunrise.

4. Turqoise Ice

Lake Baikal in Russia is known as one of the oldest and clearest freshwater lakes in all corners of the earth. In winter, large chunks of ice can be found on the surface of the lake covered with snow. The uniqueness of this chunk of ice because it has a turquoise color. As a result, chunks of ice will look like gems when exposed to sunlight.

5. The North Light

Very popular as the aurora borealis. The North Light is the most famous phenomenon, in winter. Aurora borealis occurs when electron particles from the sun crash into oxygen and nitrogen in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Because of the collision, there will be colorful light shows such as green, purple, pink, blue and white. This beautiful phenomenon can only be enjoyed in the northern regions of the earth such as along the coast of Siberia, Scandinavia, Alaska and Canada north of the chart.

Which natural phenomenon in winter do you think is the most beautiful?