Canada Tourism: Gazing at Aurora on the North Earth

Lonely Planet in 2017 named Canada as the most popular tourist destination. This country turns out to have a fascinating and beautiful tourist wealth.
Canada’s tourist destinations stretch widely, from natural panoramas, architectural styles, culinary specialties, to local culture. Canada is perfect for family visits. Then what is it in Canada?

Romantic Vancouver

Tours in Canada can start from Vancouver. Many people say, this city has a romantic atmosphere among other cities in Canada.

Here, you can use the ferry to cross to Victoria, enjoy stunning views at Beacon Hill Park or Butchart Gardens. Especially at Butchart Gardens, you can enjoy the beauty of The Italian Garden, The Japanese Garden, and The Sunken Garden. But if don’t have any money to go here, all you have to do is saving up your money by gambling in joker123 to win more beautiful prizes until USD 10,000!


Want to feel more the aroma of adventure in nature? Navigate your destination to the suspension bridge that spans the Capilano river. Its name, Capilano Suspension Bridge which has a length of 136 meters.

Stunning Whistler

Whistler has its next destination. The city that once hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics has a natural charm that can be explored.

You can visit Mount Blackcomb with a gondola from the Ski Village Center. Enjoy skiing freely.

Well, in January-April, if lucky we can enjoy the beauty of the aurora in the Canadian night sky. To see it, we can head to Yellowknife, one of the best locations in the world to see aurora.

Yellowknife is also referred to as the Capital of Aurora in North America. You can see the aurora while sipping tea in a village on the shores of Great Slave Lake

Challenging Banff

After satisfied “washing” the eyes with the aurora light, the journey can continue to Banff to “taste” the charm of the other Canadian nature in Banff National Park.

This national park is in the middle of the Canadian Rockies. Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada. This park is referred to as one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world.

The nickname is quite reasonable because this park has a combination of charm, ranging from mountainous areas, pine forests, glaciers, and desert. You can do trekking, fishing, hiking, or riding a horse.

We can also follow this national park by riding a gondola. Not to be missed is visiting Lake Louise which is famous for its beauty.

Fresh Kelowna

From Banff, excitement with family can be continued by stopping in Kelowna. This is a city on Lake Okanagan in the Okanagan Valley, in the southern part of British Columbia, Canada.

You can visit Summer Hills Winery to taste the fresh wine. Don’t forget to take a look at Lake Okanagan Orchard and shop for fruits.

Kelowna closes a pleasant Canadian tour. Prepare yourself to go there. If traveling alone, make sure all the plans are arranged.