10 Most Beautiful Lakes in The World

Lake is a natural wonder that has its own charm. In contrast to rivers and the sea, the tranquility of the water in the lake seemed to hypoptize tourists from all over the world to visit it. Want to know what are the lakes that have their own beauty? These are the 10 most beautiful lakes in the world that you should visit.


Lake Baikal, Siberia

Lake Baikal is a lake formed through the earth’s crust and surrounded by beautiful cliffs. This lake is known as one of the deepest lakes in the world, even deeper than some of the world’s oceans.

Until now the depth of the lake has not been fully explored. The thing that makes this lake interesting is also because its nature is still ‘holy’ with more than thousands of kinds of plants and hundreds of species of animals that live in and around the lake. It perfectly fits for you to enjoy the beauty phenomenon while playing and login joker123 which is the best online gambling site with Joker for its mascot.

Lake Plitvice, Croatia

What makes this lake look different from the others? It is none other than the multilevel structure that makes this lake appear from a painting. There are about 16 small terraced lakes that are connected by waterfalls and have varied colors in shades of blue.

Lake Labuan Cermin, Indonesia

Here it is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia that should not be missed. As the name implies, this lake has clear water that is like a mirror, almost transparent. The color of this lake is also very beautiful, because of the gradations of light blue, dark blue, and Tosca.

Lake Como, Italy

The 56-mile lake, nicknamed ‘Lombardy Jewel’, has been attracting tourists since ancient Roman times. Until now this lake is still a tourist attraction, especially with the many estates belonging to Hollywood celebrities around this lake, for example, the couple George and Amal Clooney.

Lake Hillier, Australia

The lake, located in Western Australia, is famous for its pink lake water. This is because the color of microorganisms in the lake.

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

The attraction of the lake which is located on the African continent is its function as a source of food from animals in Africa. Its beauty is seen when hundreds of flamingos are in the lake, resulting in a beautiful portrait.

Green Lake, Austria

The lake, originally called Gruner See, is a unique lake. In winter, the lake is only a small lake with a park around it. But in spring, the lake changes because the ice melts and the water rises as high as two meters.

Lake Toba, Indonesia

One of the most popular lakes in Indonesia, Lake Toba is unique because there is Samosir Island in the middle. The area around the lake also still holds fast the culture that makes it crowded with tourists.

Lake Minnewanka, Canada

The lake, located in the Banff National Park area, is indeed very beautiful. Its charm lies in its calm waters and views of the Canadian Rockies that appear as a backdrop.

Xi Hu, Hangzhou, China

This freshwater lake located in China will make you remember the old Chinese films that you have ever seen. Already a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011, the lake is considered a place of inspiration for poets, scientists and artists of all ages.