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Hold the Canadian Rockies in your hands with our free official vacation guides. Learn insider knowledge about the Canadian National Parks. Keep you, your family and your peers informed about how to keep safe around the local wildlife. Are outdoor activities your thing? Check the listings within to choose something that appeals to you. Whether you’re planning to go tomorrow, next month or next year, download our free official up-to-date visitor’s guides for information on how to make your Canadian Rockies vacation a memorable one.


Guide to Banff National Park copy Free Banff Visitors Guides

Whether you’re spending a day at Lake Louise or browsing the shops in downtown Banff, these official visitors guides have maps and listings for your traveling needs.

Guide to Jasper National Park copy Free Jasper Visitors Guides

Experience everything Jasper National Park has to offer, from relaxing in the Miette Hotsprings to climbing the Whistlers!

Guide to the National Parks of Canada copy Free Official National Parks Guides

A plethora of information and listings for the many National Parks of Canada, including Jasper National Park and Banff National Park.

Guide to Historical Sites in the Rockies copy Free Historical Guides

Overviews of the historical hot-spots in the Canadian Rockies! Official Mountain Guide copy Free Official Mountain Vacation Guides

These official vacation guides contain safety information and park listings in the major Canadian Rockies National Parks, like Jasper National Park, and Banff National Park

Guide to Safety in the Rockies copy Free Safety Visitors Guides

What you need to know to stay safe on your vacation in the Canadian Rockies is here in these official visitors guides.